Kluge & Co. is a traditional manufacturer in the glamorous world of high-confectionery. The company is one of few confectionery manufacturers with vertically integrated production. Meaning that every confectionery box you are holding in your hands now, was handcrafted in-house the same way as in 1861.

Our confectionery masters put a part of their soul into every single piece from Kluge's factory. It requires complicated production processes, secret know-how, and marvelous craftsmanship.

The entire manufacturing magic stands on two essential pillars - chocolate and boxes. Their refined interconnectedness guarantees truly incredible personalization.

As a proud parent company of the Marphés Pralines brand, the highest and most sophisticated confectionery series in the company's history, Kluge & Co. procures all manufacturing, business, and customer experience activities. 

Discover the company's confectionery craftsmanship masterpiece: