1861 - Jan Kluge and Jan Bergmüller founded one of the oldest confectionery companies in the former Czech Kingdom, Margraviate of Moravian and the Duchy of Silesian located in Prague-Smíchov Přívozní street 198 and began to write the story of a major confectionery house.

1867 - A few years after the establishment, the company has demonstrated exceptional quality of its products of the European format and was awarded a medal by Napoleon III at the world exhibition in Paris.

1870 - After a visit from the Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I. and later on from Prince Josef and Archduke Charles I. the company was granted the title of Imperial and Royal Factory by a Viennese Imperial Court, in German der k. & k. priv. with the right to use the symbol of the Austro-Hungarian eagle.

1872 - A laudatory article was published in Vienna Exhibition Papers, where the authors among other things, described the factual data of the modern factory Kluge. The factory had an area of 5400 ​m² and a workforce of 200 people.

1873 - Great achievements in the field of world exhibitions were confirmed by significant awards come from Vienna, and later also from Trieste exhibition.

1905 - During this period the brand had already three chocolate confectionery stores in Prague and one in Vienna.

1920 -After the Great War, the company was significantly rising and was involved in the promotion of education and social events.

1931 - On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its foundation, the company issued the luxury and the most elaborate chocolate bonbonnière with a beautiful hand-decorated box. This series saw a huge success due to its taste and the quality of processing.

1949 - After the end of World War II, the company was going through difficult times. The factory was under the influence of the political situation in former Czechoslovakia and later incorporated into the national enterprise of the Prague chocolate factory. The renowned independent confectionery house, as people knew it, was suspended.

2020 - The re-acquisition of independence and return to the traditional family ownership aligned with strong family and values vision for the future.